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B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
Be the alchemist of future with GenNext technology courses.

Ten track options are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Data Science

Robotics and AI

Intelligent Transport System and Logistics with integrated MBA in Transport/Logistics Managemen

Web and Mobile Application (Covering Web 3.0, 5G applications along with Cloud Computing) – Integrated option of M. Des. (AR/VR/Holography/Game Design)

First two years would be common curriculum for all. Here are some unique offerings of the course:


First Year

  • • Computational thinking (a set of problem-solving methods that involve expressing problems and their solutions in ways that a computer could execute) would be introduced right in the first semester along with introduction to programming.
  • • Design Thinking would be part of 1st year offerings along with Fab Lab (Use of 3D printers, Laser Cutters, CNC machine etc to be able to make good quality working prototypes).
  • • Students would start internships/project from 1st year summer. Focus would be to work on rural and other social issues to develop empathy among students.
  • • Students would learn electronics as well as communication related subjects in the first two years.
  • • We would be following the International system of Team Teaching with Teaching Assistants (also being used in many research focused institutes in India).


Second Year

  • • AI and Embedded Systems would be part of 2nd year offering for all students.
  • • Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship would also be covered in 2nd year.
  • • A course in Environmental Science along with climate change issues and sustainable development would also be offered in 2nd year.