Overview of PH.D

The Doctoral Program leading towards the award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) provides the students an opportunity for a career in Academia, Industry, Research & Development establishments along with other possibilities. A strong foundation and original contribution to knowledge in a chosen area of interest is expected from Ph.D. graduates of DYPIU.

Broadly, faculty members at DYPIU are engaged in interdisciplinary research activities in the areas of Engineering and Technology, Biosciences and Liberal Arts. Some of the focus areas of research are Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Space Technology (Small Satellites and Drones), Healthcare, Agriculture, Disability, Women and Child Development and related areas (Interdisciplinary research with meaningful impact). Research interests of faculty at DYPIU is available at the University Research page.

The academic requirements for the PhD program are as follows:

Category Minimum Total Credits Minimum Course Credits Minimum Research Credits Minimum Residency* (Semesters) Typical Duration (Years)
PhD – after BTech/MSc 192 66 96 8 4-6
PhD – after MTech/MPhil/MCA 144 24 96 6 3-5
PhD Sponsored – after MTech/MPhi 144 24 96 1 3-5
PhD Sponsored – after BTech/MSc/MCA 96 33 48 2 4-6

* The minimum residency requirement may be lowered under exceptional circumstances. Table 1. Academic Requirements of the PhD program.

Financial Assistance

All those admitted as full-time Ph.D. students will be eligible for financial support in the form of Teaching Assistantship (TA)/Research Assistantships (RAs). The assistantship is Rs. 31,000/- per month till the end of the semester in which the candidate clears the comprehensive examination and completes the course work, whichever is later. For the subsequent period, the assistantship gets revised to Rs. 35,000/- per month. The fellowship is for a maximum duration of four years after passing the comprehensive examination or clearing of Synopsis, whichever is earlier. The responsibilities associated with the teaching/research assistantship includes conducting laboratory courses and tutorials for undergraduate students, assisting in teaching, research projects, and academic administration as assigned.

Residential Requirement

The minimum residency requirement for the PhD program is listed in Table 1. During the period of residency, the student should be available on DYPIU campus for academic and research activities during all working hours of the institute. Moreover, the student should have registered for a total of at least 12 credits during the regular semester.

PhD Process

The typical milestones and processes involved during a PhD is shown below:

Academic Advising

A student entering the PhD program will be advised in the selection of courses/faculty mentor/supervisor by the University Research Coordinator. The student is then expected to obtain consent from a member of faculty at DYPIU to supervise his/her PhD thesis. This must be done before the end of semester in which the student clears the PhD comprehensive examination.

Comprehensive Examination

Students registered for the PhD Program must pass a comprehensive examination that is designed to test the overall comprehension of the student in the relevant subjects.

Students admitted with BTech, MSc, MCA or MPhil Degrees may appear in the comprehensive examination earliest in the third semester, but must pass it before the end of the fourth semester after their first registration.

Students admitted with MTech or equivalent Degrees may appear in the comprehensive examination earliest in the second semester, but must pass the examination before the end of the third semester after their first registration.

Students should obtain a minimum CPI 7.0 on a 10-point scale to appear for the comprehensive examination. Students will get two chances to pass the comprehensive examination. Those who fail to clear the comprehensive examination in the second attempt will have to discontinue from the Program.

Research Progress Evaluation

Once a PhD student clears his/her Comprehensive examination, Dean (Research and Development) will form a Research Progress Evaluation (RPE) committee for assessing the PhD student’s progress in every semester. The PhD student is required to present his/her progress in the form of Research Progress Seminar (RPS) to the RPE committee. Students are also required to give a seminar in a topic not related to their research topic to broaden their knowledge. The RPE committee will assess the progress report of the student in the form of Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory, and will accordingly advise the student.

Fees for PhD

Tuition fee - Rs. 75,000 per Semester

Registration Fee - Rs. 2,500 per Semester

Caution Deposit - Rs. 10,000 (Refundable at the end of the program)


Admission procedure

Admission to the PhD program is through institutional entrance exam/interview or both as decided by the University Selection committee. The date of entrance exam/interview will be intimated to the students. The students who have cleared any of the national level examinations like CSIR JRF/ICMR JRF/DBT JRF/ICAR JRF can get admissions after interview and discussions before a selection committee. At the time of admission students can discuss their research interests.

Please mail your Application form, SOP, and CV to

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Attach Statement of Purpose (SOP) and your CV.

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