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Round III - Last date of Admission: 14th Aug, 2022

BioMedical Engineering College

Biomedical Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that combines biology and engineering, applying engineering principles and materials to medicine and healthcare.

The increasing demand for Biomedical Engineers is linked to society’s general shift towards everyday utilization of machinery and technology in all aspects of life. The combination of engineering principles with biological knowledge to address medical needs has contributed to the development of revolutionary and life-saving concepts such as: Surgical robots, Advanced prosthetics and Healthcare devices. This is evident throughout healthcare, from diagnosis and analysis to treatment and recovery, and has entered the public conscience through the proliferation of implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers and artificial hips.


This course aims to preparing engineering minds who can:

  • Design equipment like artificial internal organs, machines which can diagnose medical problems and the replacements for various body parts.
  • Design electrical circuits, software to run medical equipment's.
  • Work in coordination with the life scientists, chemists and medical scientists in order to conduct research to find out the engineering aspects of the biological systems of humans and animals.
  • Install, adjust, maintain, repair and provide technical support for biomedical equipment's.
  • Evaluate safety, effectiveness and efficiency of all the biomedical equipment.
  • Train clinicians and other personnel involved in the operation of this equipment, on the proper use of this equipment. 
  • Prepare procedures, technical reports, publish research papers and also make recommendations based on the conducted research and their outcomes.

Track Electives

  • Biomedical signal Processing
  • Medical Imaging and Image Processing
  • Bio-Instrumentation
  • Wearables and Bio-measurement Devices
  • Body mechanics and Ergonomics
  • Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering

Job opportunities in BioMedical Engineering

  • Bioinstrumentation
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Medical Imaging
  • Orthopedic Bioengineering
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Software engineering
  • Biomechanics
  • Sales and technical support
  • Business management
  • Project management

Salary range

  • 3 lakhs - 35 lakhs (India)
  • 53 lakhs (Foreign)

Some of the top recruiters of BioMedical Engineers are Siemens Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Philips Healthcare, Samsung Healthcare, B. Braun, Smiths Medical, Toshiba Medical Systems, Olympus Medical, Abbott and Roche Diagnostics.


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