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School of Design

School of Design

B. Des. - Communication Design (In collaboration with Arena Animation)

Program Objectives
  • To introduce the learners to history of visual communication and basic concepts of Design.
  • To introduce the students to history, social and economic aspects of Design
  • To develop the skill and understanding of sketching and drawing from various structures in various mediums.
  • To develop the sense of structure, material & understand how forms achieve their structural unity through adherence to principals of physical nature of the material being observed and studied.
  • To develop the sense of observation and capacity to retain and recall images and their co-ordination.
  • To understand and develop the skill of sketching and drawing.
  • To introduce the basic visual elements of design with emphasis on basic fundamentals of dimensional designs.
  • Study of solid craft, dimensional spaces and its organization.
  • To develop the sense of structure, gravitational and mechanical principals.
  • To introduce the student the history of writing, development of alphabets, various calligraphic schools and scripts.
  • To develop the capacity to use the traditional as well as modern tools.
  • To impart to learners the knowledge of various typefaces and their utilization in various designs.
  • To impart to learners the knowledge of various typefaces and their utilization in various designs.
  • To introduce the learners the meaning of graphic design, basics and its need in communication design.
  • To acquaint the learners with various perspective drawing methods.
  • To acquaint the learners with colour theory and its use in practical.
  • To develop the skills and understandings for Graphic Design.
Program Description

The proposed curriculum is with the view to enhance the existing program and make it more contextual, industry sociable and suitable to provide the needs of society and nation in present day context. After analyzing other curricula of existing universities in respective subjects in terms of content, relevance, quality and pattern of teaching and examination has synthesized the present proposal. After guidance from industry professionals and feedbacks from senior faculty with intensive discussions the syllabus suitably finalized.

Globalization has reduced distances. Many of our students aspire to seek admissions and jobs overseas, or even in India in multinational corporations. Thus there is an urgent need to elevate the syllabus to International levels, to facilitate easier transitions for Post Graduate Courses and Job prospects, overseas.

A holistic approach includes providing industry training via internships, handling live projects, visits to advertising and design houses & also print and production units. Regular expertise interaction will help to build a bridge between students and industry.

Technical advancement is the key to a substantial teaching system in today’s world and thus a great responsibility lies on the Design curriculum to prepare students to rise to meet global standards and align seamlessly to changing trends.

The modern world seems to be growing exponentially in the digital domain, and yet the print is also evolving like never before. Thus the syllabus needs to be structured with balance in learning skills in both the domains of design. The syllabus needs to be made to promote flexibility and freedom of approach in teaching, within the structure of learning objectives.

Eligibility Criteria

Pass H.S.C. Examination or Equivalent Examination from any stream (Arts / Science / Commerce) Minimum 50% aggregate marks (45% for reserved category) D-CET Entrance Exam conducted by DYPIU / Any recognized Design / Applied Art - CET. The admissions shall be carried out by merit list prepared on the basis of marks obtained in the Common Entrance Test (CET)


4 Year

Career Roles / Industries

Students can successfully perform the role of - Graphic Designer, Creative Head, Art Direction Lead, Visualizer, Creative Team Leader, etc. in IT Industry - UI Design, Web Design, E-Learning, Presentations. etc. Design Industry - Brand Promotions & Planning Publication Industries - Designing & Production Animation & Game Design Retail Design Industry Industrial Photography Services Freelancing

Industry Collaborations
  • M.O.U. Signed with Arena Animations & Prachiti Publicity.
  • Proposed collaborations:
  • Genesis Advertising
  • Nine Strategies
  • Affinity Express