Focus areas


Networked Embedded Systems for development of assistive devices

A lot of difficulties appear in old age where it becomes difficult for them to perform day to day life. A large proportion of children and adult also face disabilities in their life time. Some may be congenital and some acquired after certain accident or injuries. We need to understand the need of elderly and physically disabled people. The aim is to improve their quality of life and assist them carry out their day to day life activities. Along with physical they may also face neurological and psychological disorders. We need to address factors such as Physical Security, Medical Emergency, Communication Needs etc of the Elderly and Persons with Disability.

Networked Embedded Systems were used to develop a number of assistive devices based on body, brainwave and touch sensor to help persons with severe disability. We could use hand gesture to control surrounding objects like TV, Light, Fan, Computer etc for those with restricted finger movement. We used various possible ways of taking inputs from body as well as brain. Our work of assistive technology based on brain computer interface, created a new set of possibility to provide means of communication and other functionality to those with loss of movement of limbs as well as voice. We were able help those with learning disability as well as those in vegetative state. We developed software to use touch screen based tablets to help many children with autism and other cognitive behavioural disorders to communicate, control environment and learn.

Besides, there lies immense scope for Collaboration in these areas.

Space Technology

Owing to the growing needs and the importance of advancement of in the areas of space research we are in the process of developing drones for Precision Agriculture, Environmental Monitoring, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Oceanography, Infrastructure Monitoring, Transportation and Logistics, Security, Events etc

Another area of focus would be the development of Satellites like NanoSat, PicoSat, FemtoSat

Outer Space Technology Lunar Rover, Lunar Habitat and Exploration


Advanced Manufacturing

Some of the key areas of research in the Center for Advanced Manufacturing include the Development of Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) for applications in several areas such as Prototype development, Technology Development Materials in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Design, Fine Arts.


Innovative Farming

Involves Hydroponic, Aeroponic and Aquaponic Wheat Grass for Juice Production Vertical Farming

Education and Training Technology

Develop Content based on Virtual and Augmented Reality for education and skill development

Adaptive Learning Technique backed by Artificial Intelligence Distance learning technology


Precision Medicine and Healthcare Research

Precision Medicine and Healthcare Research involves research on the holistic system of medicine and functional medicine. The focus is on patient centered care. In view of this some areas of research become very vital such as the gut microbe analysis, the leaky gut, Internal cleanse and detoxification processes. The treatment strategies include treating deficiencies and functional nutrition.

The aim is to Combine them with AI systems for future healthcare, for example Artificial Intelligence for Personalized medicine and healthcare.


Brain Computer Interface and Artificial Intelligence

To aim is to develop BCI based systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for several applications. Make use of neurosynaptic chips based applications for Audio and Visual Recognition