Message from Dean placements

TPO's Message
Mrs. Jasmita Kaur

Dean Placements

At DYPIU, the Corporate Relations and Placement Cell (CRPC) is a gateway to a bright career for our students. In order to open newer avenues of careeropportunities for students, training activities will be organized throughout the year to develop overall personality of the students thus enabling them and equipping them for facing the Campus Recruitment process in this new competitive era with confidence and ease. Participation of students in year round competitions such as Debates, Group Discussions, Power Point Presentations, Essay writing etc. will help them to enhance and improve theirconfidence, reading, writing and Communication Skills. Exhaustive training with relevance to Communication Skills, Aptitude Testsand the overall development for personal & professional grooming will provide students necessary tips on how to cracktheAptitude Tests, Do’s and Don’ts of Group Discussions and Interview Skills. The Cell envisages to educate and guide students with various career opportunities in different areas such as Public Sector, Armed forces, Private Sector and MNCs by conducting Guest Lectures and Expert Talks.

Focus will also be laid on empowering the students with options in Higher Education. Necessary guidance will be provided about various entrepreneurship encouragement schemes declared by the state and central government from experts to help the budding Entrepreneurs of the University.

In order to meet the manpower requirements of the Industry, we, at DYPIU are prepared to put great value in collaborating with various industries to ensure that our students acquire the right knowledge, skill and aptitude through practical and hands on training in the Industry. The CRPC will operate all year round, to facilitate contacts between companies and graduates with major thrust to create maximum opportunities for students to berendered employable.