To encourage the merit in education at DYPIU, scholarships are planned for meritorious students of B. Tech Program. Following are the details of the same:

Examination JEE OR CBSE (PCM)/Any State Board (PCM)OR MH-CET % Scholarship as percentage of Tuition Fees Number of Scholarship
Score range for Scholarship
All India Rank below 20000 OR 98% ( Percentile)(PCM) 50% 5 for JEE or CBSE (PCM) 5 for MH-CET
All India Rank between 20000 to 50000 OR 95%( Percentile)(PCM) 25% 10 for JEE or CBSE (PCM) 10 for MH-CET
All India Rank between 50000 to 100000 OR 90%( Percentile)(PCM) 15% 25 for JEE or CBSE (PCM) 25 for MH-CET


  • We will disclose the policy for awarding Scholarship to MH-CET after declaration of the Result.
  • Scholarship scheme may be transferable across the seats amongst remaining category with approval from Vice Chancellor’s office.
  • All benefited students should pay full fees during the time of admission.However Scholarship fees will be refunded during Semester.