Food Biotechnology

Food Biotechnology involves techniques and processes that are used to transform raw materials into food. Extensive research goes behind making food items edible as well as nutritious. This track deals with techniques involved in production, processing, preservation, labeling and quality management of food products. It also aims to address environmental concerns, social responsibility and economic viability when designing sustainable food processing techniques.


This course aims to preparing engineering minds who can:

  • Develop food biotechnology, food safety management and analytical techniques to create sustainable sources of food and food processing techniques.
  • Design processes of preparation, preserving, and its quality management.
  • Create 3D printed and lab produced food products to supplement the agriculture produce and answer the problems of food shortage.
  • Work in coordination with the life scientists, chemists and agriculturists in order to conduct research to find out the engineering aspects of the food processing and management.
  • Prepare procedures, technical reports, publish research papers and also make recommendations based on the conducted research and their outcomes.

Track Electives

  • Food fermentation technology
  • Food Processing & engineering
  • Therapeutic nutrition
  • Food Safety, Quality and Regulations
  • Fundamentals of Food Additives and Preservation
  • Food Plant Sanitation

Job Opportunities for Food Biotechnology Engineers

  • Lab technician
  • Research scientist
  • Biochemist
  • Quality controller/ food inspector
  • Nutritionists/Dietitian
  • Engineer
  • Food product development director
  • Process Engineer
  • Food Scientist
  • Management Representative
  • Quality Executive
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Business Development Executive
  • Food Safety Auditor
  • Food Technologist

Salary range

  • 1.9 lakh – 9 lakhs (India)
  • 40 lakhs (Foreign)

Some of the top recruiters of Food Biotechnologists are MTR Foods Limited, Amul, Dabur India Limited, Godrej Industrial Limited, PepsiCo India Holdings, Britannia Industries Limited, Nestle India Private Limited, ITC Limited, Agro Tech Foods, Parle Products Private Limited, Perfetti India Limited, Hindustan Lever Limited, Cadbury India Limited, Milkfood, Gits Food Products Private Limited and Coca-Cola India Limited.


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