Web and Mobile Application and Cloud Technology (Covering Web 3.0, 5G applications along with Cloud Computing) - Integrated option of MDes (AR/VR/Holography/Games Design)

Web and mobile computing explores ubiquitous application development with a firm focus on the end user experience. This course is about the technology of today (Web 2.0, Cloud Computing) and tomorrow (Web 3.0, 5G, AR/VR) and how it can be made accessible to people in a user friendly manner.

Opportunities in Web and Mobile Computing

Introduction of smartphones has led the Mobile Computing which has taken the Internet by storm. Owing to the convenience and ease-of-use, mobile applications have rapidly taken over the desktop applications. Newer technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Web 3.0 are now causing the industry to undergoing a rapid shift in application development. Graduates with experience in Web and Mobile Computing can command a starting salary of Rs. 6 lakhs per annum (LPM). Companies are offering upto Rs. 18 LPM for experts with 5+ years of experience. Salaries for Web and Mobile experts in USA can reach up to Rs. 2 crore per annum. Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune are the leading locations for Web and Mobile Computing jobs.

Course Curriculum

Web and Mobile Computing program consists of a total of 9 courses taught in third and fourth years, along with one main project. In fifth semester, students are exposed to Web and Mobile App development by building real-world apps in courses "Web Development" and "Mobile Apps: Android and iOS". In sixth semester, students learn the design aspect of the technology in courses "UI/UX Design" and "Web Design". Simultaneously, they are exposed to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and Gaming Design in course "AR/VR and Gaming". Seventh semester takes a deep dive approach to advanced technologies that enable state-of-the-art Web and Mobile applications including how to use AI in Web and Mobile apps, how to use 3D Gaming Engines for building animations, architectting the apps from a holistic perspective and how to use Cloud Computing backend for building engaging applications in courses "AI for Web and Mobile", " 3D Gaming Engines", "Systems Architecture for Web and Mobile" and "Cloud for Web and Mobile".

This course teaches students to see the world through the eyes of the user. In this program, students learn a user-centric approach to application creation. That, coupled with a robust developer skill set, enables them to produce applications that connect with users across varied platforms like Web, Mobile, AR and VR. Come join the course and be prepared for the technology trends of tomorrow.

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