Web, Mobile Application and Cloud Technology


B.Tech in Mobile Application & Cloud Technology is a remarkable course in this fast-growing technology sector that proffers dual career options for students in Web, Mobile Applications, and Cloud Technology. This specialized course at D Y Patil International University accord an in-depth theoretical as well as practical command of all latest technology trends in the Mobile Applications and Cloud Technology domain. At the forepart of B tech in Web and Mobile Applications, the course presents students the foundational expertise of all aspects of Web and Mobile Technology with prominence on development of applications for Android, iOS, and Web, keeping industry requirement in mind. At the forepart of Cloud Technology, the course presents students the foundational expertise of all aspects of Cloud Technology and related areas such as Virtualization Technology, Data Centres, Networking, and Operating Systems.

The prime objective of B tech in Mobile Application and Cloud Technology program at DYPIU is to facilitate swift development, support an assortment of development approaches and devices, share resources for mobile apps, improve reliability and reliability with data being backed up and stored in the cloud. During the course of study, you will understand the concepts associated with Web and Mobile OS, its architecture and API to develop user-friendly apps as well as we will prepare you to develop apps for different Mobile OS by using Cross-Platform Technology. DYPIU will impart the requisite knowledge not only about fundamental concepts but also regarding design and controls strategy, tools and techniques to store as well as secure data, and application security in web technology.

Candidates pursuing B.Tech in Mobile Application & Cloud Technology are made familiar with different platforms used to frame applications and advanced network technologies. They will complement their education with an extensive skill set that incorporates learning the complexities and functions of mobile devices and exploring different methodologies to create successful cloud solutions.


D Y Patil International University accords students distinctive opportunities to acquire specially designed subjects in this 4-year undergraduate program. This focused approach enables aspiring students to establish themselves in the industry and become entrepreneurs. Our course curriculum embraces a customized structure that allows them to gain ample practical knowledge of design and implementation. During the course of study, students will get the theoretical and practical knowledge of Mathematics, Object-Oriented Programming, Java Programming, Database Management System, Internet Technology, Computer Architecture, Compiler Design, Operating System, Mobile Application Development, Computer Networks, Virtualization, Android and iOS Programming, Mobile OS Architecture, Network Architecture, Server Administration, Server-side Scripting, Cloud Scripting, Artificial Intelligence, Social Web and Mobile Analytics, and many more. Also, a special emphasis will remain on Lab work and Project work.


Upon completion of the course from this best B. Tech in Web, Mobile Application & Cloud Technology college in Pune, India, students will be able to grab jobs in various sectors such as Mobile App Design Agencies, Digital Marketing Firms, Mobile App Testing Agencies, Tech Firms, Software, and Web Development Agencies, Software and Web Consultancies, IT and ITES Firms, Tech Firms, Tech Startups, IT Consultancies, Security Firms, Cloud Technology Firms, and other multitudinous companies.

DYPIU know that the Cloud and Mobile Technology are high in-demand industries that are capable of transforming businesses and user experience, that’s why we build excellent engineers as per industry standards, facilitate every need of them, and proffers ample job opportunities for young professionals with the right skill sets.

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