B Tech in Cloud and Systems Administration

Cloud Computing refers to on demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage, computing power, databases, networking services and such. Systems Administration deals with orchestrating of these resources using various automation tools. Computing Computing democratized the access to availability to large amount of computing power, that was previously available to companies like Google and Amazon. This brought tremendous benefits to business organizations including efficiency, flexibility, speed, cost savings and security. Cloud Computing enabled the rise of unicorn startups like Uber and Dropbox. Today, every company, small and large, is either using Cloud Computing or planning to use. Cloud Computing companies like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are growing at a staggering pace of 50 - 100%, year-on-year.

Opportunities in Cloud and Systems Administration

Cloud Computing is one of the most desired job in current industry setting. Cloud Computing companies like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce are offering starting salaries of Rs. 12 lakhs per annum (LPM) for freshers with skills in Cloud and Systems Administration. Companies are offering Rs. 50 LPM for someone with 5+ years of experience. Salaries for Cloud and Systems Administration experts in USA can reach up to Rs. 2 crore per annum. Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad enjoy the highest number of jobs in Cloud and Systems Administration field. Cloud Computing companies together are investing north of $100 B. Cloud and Systems Administration field is growing at a rapid pace, promising higher salaries and better opportunities in future.

Course Curriculum

Courses "Fundamentals of Cloud Computing" and "DevOps" are taught in fifth semester to introduce the fundamentals to students. Sixth semester covers courses "Networking & Security", "Docker and Kubernetes" and "Distributed Computing" that are at the heart of Cloud Computing. Seventh semester covers advanced Cloud and Systems Administration courses and application of Cloud Computing to the fields of IoT, Web and Mobile with courses "Data Center Management", "Cloud for IoT", "Cloud for Mobile and Web" and "Fault Tolerant Computing".

With the rise of Digital Revolution, business small and large are either using or planning to use Cloud Computing for storing data and running applications in Cloud. Cloud Computing is poised to forge a future of endless new possibilities. Experts in Cloud Computing and Systems Administration command salaries of about Rs. 1 crore per annum. By taking this course today, you will be ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.

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