Supply Chain Management including Intelligent Transport Systems


MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management enables students to have a profuse grasp of all the complexities that businesses are experiencing in today’s global economy. If you are looking forward to a career in logistics & supply chain management but lack the basics, then pursuing MBA in logistics & supply chain management from D Y Patil International University can be a fruitful option for you. Also, the intelligent transport systems market is distinctly competitive and is expanding at a high pace due to the presence of many small and large scale players in commerce. That’s why we here at DYPIU incorporate the study of Intelligent Transport Systems along with Supply Chain Management so that you will gain an extra edge in the market.

The course MBA in supply chain management involves the study of transportation, warehousing, inventory, and logistics network design and covers methodologies that are employed to efficiently optimize the flow and practices. We will guide you to master different forecasting approaches and techniques to build long-lasting and rich supplier relationships. DYPIU will take you to a fascinating journey of global trade and make you comprehend what all goes into designing and setting up a logistic as well as transport system facility.

DYPIU introduces all vital operation improvement tools to achieve perfection in Supply Chain Operations and make you aware of the Six Sigma strategy for process improvements. We make sure you understand all basic tenets to eliminate waste and make the process more methodical. MBA or PGDM in Supply Chain Management at this best college for MBA in supply chain management in Pune also involves the study of movement and storage of raw materials that are involved in work as well as aims to monitor and relate production, distribution, and shipment of goods and services.

Supply chain management in general merges supply and demand management. It makes use of different strategies and approaches to view the entire chain and work efficiently at each and every step that is involved in the chain. Every unit that participates in the process aims to reduce the expenses and help the companies to enhance their long term performance, creating value for its stakeholders and customers. This process minimizes the rates by eradicating unnecessary expenses and handling.


In this era of globalization where companies compete to provide the best quality products to the customers and satisfy all their demands, supply chain management, and intelligent transport systems play a very important role. The curriculum of this 2-year postgraduate level course at DYPIU is designed in such a way that students get their hands-on experience in planning, execution, managing, and transportation of matters along with the theoretical background so that they can make strategic decisions and apply them during their jobs. During the study, students will come through various interesting topics and subjects that include Managerial Economics, Production, Planning and Control, Accounting and Finance for Managers, International Business, Marketing Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Business Analytics for SCM, Operations Management, Supply Chain Performance Metrics & Modelling, Retail Store and Visual Merchandising, Positioning Systems, Retail Marketing, and CRM, Traffic Safety Management, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management, International Marketing, Transport Demand and Forecasting, Export Trade and Documentation, Logistics Resource Planning, Business Environment, and Ethics, Six Sigma, Packaging and Distribution Management, and many more.

This curriculum not only proffers in-depth learning about the logistics, supply chain, and transportation system but also helps you to comprehend the national and international markets.


The career prospects after graduating from this best college for MBA in Supply Chain Management in Pune are very promising. Students can select from a profuse job profile and job sectors. Some of the in-demand job profiles that a student can choose after completing an MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management are Industry Analyst, Project Manager, Global Logistic Manager, Operations Director, Transportation Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, Commercial Manager, Purchasing Manager, Logistic Coordinator, University Professors, Banking, etc.

DYPIU bestows lucrative job opportunities, plenty of room to grow, develop aspirants for niche industries, and bridge the gap of demand and supply in the profession.

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