Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

AI/ML are two of the very close and fastest growing fields in contemporary scenario. AI is intelligence showcased by machines (computers and automation systems) in contrast to the natural intelligence of humans. The major goals of AI/ML is to achieve success in knowledge reasoning planning, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.

With a vision to impart an in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, the program focuses on training students to become critical thinkers and analytical experts in research and industry. Inculcating innovative learning exercises of data engineering, data visualization, feature engineering, model fitting and reasoning, the course is designed to mold and encourage students to reason with data and build models that predict the future outcomes. 

In this program, we aim to prepare students to work in varied fields ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Engineering and Data Analytics.

Program Objective

  • To impart basic knowledge and technical skills on various aspects of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Expose students to the most recent developments in the area of Data Visualization, Data Cleaning, Machine Learning Models, Artificial Intelligence and their utilization in industry and research.
  • Periodic industry visits for training to understand industry culture and exposure to latest techniques and developments
  • Training in development of entrepreneurship skills

Program Outcome

  • Knowledge of the uses and applications of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Basic ideas and intuition behind modern machine learning methods as well as a bit more formal understanding of how, why, and when they work
  • To offer a platform to the students to exhibit their talents and creativity.
  • Upgrading in-depth knowledge and ability to undertake further study and research in Artificial Intelligence and according to the need of society.

Course Curriculum

Students will get a chance to use their acquired knowledge by starting Thesis in third semester, which will be focus of fourth semester. Following are the proposed courses for the curriculum.

Semester I

  • Introduction to CPS & Use Cases
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Bridge Course I: Mathematics, Programming or Electronics
  • Soft Skills
  • Seminar Courses

Semester II

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • Special Topics in Research
  • Bridge Course II: Mathematics, Programming or Electronics
  • Self Study Course
  • Seminar Course

Semester III

  • AI System Architecture
  • AI Elective: Auto ML, Reinforcement Learning or Advanced AI
  • Thesis I

Semester IV

  • Thesis II
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